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Our Solutions

Three men on construction site wearing hard hats with the progress towards solutions in pull planning software.

A Solution Built For You

Our system is built from the ground up for the construction industry. It is based on successful tried and tested approaches. From small projects to billion dollar projects, our application scales in both directions. We take a schedule pull-planning type approach and fold it inside the master schedule constraints, then tie in the tracking and prioritizing of project documents.

Simple and Intuitive Design

Designed to be simple and intuitive, our system allows you to pick up a tablet and start working right away.

Project Health Indicators

Track the health of your project in a way that makes sense to you and your company. Built-in dashboards that point out trouble areas at a glance.

Keep Your Priorities Straight

Prioritize all project documents based on the schedule and never show up to a meeting unprepared. We’ve made it easy by integrating with major project management systems.

Collaboration Is Key

Continuously collaborate with the project team. We make it easy to get everyone onboard by allowing trade contractors to collaborate on our platform for free!

Master Schedule Integrated

Our application provides unprecedented collaboration for all project stakeholders and eliminates costly scheduling conflicts or lengthy data updates. We offer full two-way integration with enterprise scheduling applications and take the guesswork out of seeing a project through to the finish line.

Always Accessible

Seamlessly transition between online and offline editing. Have the peace of mind to be able to get your work done no matter where the job takes you or what device you choose to use.

Intelligent Reuse

Build and save construction sequences for unlimited company-wide reuse. Trade responsibilities are managed through groups, for easy replication and analytics from project to project.

Let's build together.

-Adam Evarts, CEO allucent


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